The Impact of Selected Road Freight Transport Management Measures for the Society and Environment

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  • Michael Minx
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Nowadays logistics, supply chain management and usage of various transport become the key components of every company constituting a considerable percentage of the overall costs that a company incurs in its daily business. Logistics accounts amount up to 15% of total expenditure of the largest industry sectors when the proportion of transportation achieves one to two thirds of the total costs of logistics. A lot of researchers believe that effective functioning of flow of goods is not conceivable without a functional transport.

The given research is focused on the studying the importance and the irreplaceable function of the freight transport industry with focus on transportation of goods by road. Methodology of the research: Scientific and fundamental literature critical analysis; Primary data gathered by Quantitative method (questionnaire) and Qualitative method (semi-structured interviews), Data analysis and Interpretation of the results. The research period was March – April 2017, when 129 respondents had answered the questionnaire and the managers of transport companies were interviewed. The results of the research could be valuable for top management of transport companies and other practitioners giving several recommendations for setting relevant key performance indicators (KPI) as effective management measures.


Road freight transport Telematics system Key performance indicators 



The authors would like to thank to management transport company participated in the research which dedicated the hours of their time discussing the subject of road freight transport and the interviews’ questions. We are grateful to all the respondents of the online survey, for taking the time to answer the questionnaire and to everyone who helped sharing the online survey in the social networks.


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