The System of the School Routes’ Development and Their Safety Assessment

  • Irina MakarovaEmail author
  • Ksenia ShubenkovaEmail author
  • Vadim Mavrin
  • Aleksey Boyko
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 36)


Since the main type of regular trips of children and teenagers are the trips to school, ensuring school routes’ safety is the main direction of the children’s safety improving. While constructing the routes to school it is necessary to choose the safest possible one. The categorization of the route can be performed according to the presence of different factors, complicating traffic conditions. Selection of the best route relates to multicriteria optimization problems. To solve this problem it is necessary to use simulation methods as well as modern information technologies. The algorithm of the rational route selection as well as the algorithm of its safety assessment is offered in the article. Mathematical model of the school routes’ planning and the conceptual scheme of the Schoolchildren’s Transportation Management System are also presented in the article. Proposed system is aimed at reducing the risks of dangerous situations while pupils travelling to school.


School route Safety Multicriteria assessment 


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