Four Key Factors to Design a Web of Things Architecture

  • Francesco Bruni
  • Claudio PomoEmail author
  • Gaetano Murgolo
Conference paper
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The spreading of Internet accesses and latest developments of Web technologies simplified the process of building architectures capable of collecting and sharing data. On the other side, a massive use of smart devices helped increasing the overall quality of the monitored process. This report illustrates how sensed raw data collected over an electrical plant by a smart device have been turned into a market valuable knowledge. Implementing and extending the Back-end Data Sharing Pattern, the proposed architecture underlines some key factors to be appointed when designing this kind of infrastructures and how they have been implemented in a real world use case.


Internet of Things Software architecture IoT Web of Things Back-end data sharing pattern 


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  • Francesco Bruni
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  • Claudio Pomo
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  • Gaetano Murgolo
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  2. 2.Polytechnic University of BariBariItaly
  3. 3.Engineering Consulting SRLBitontoItaly

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