The Light Shed on the Crucial Development of Strauss’s Thought by His Correspondence with Gerhard Krüger

  • Thomas L. Pangle
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The rather complex private correspondence between Leo Strauss (1899–1973) and Gerhard Krüger (1902–72) runs from late 1929 through 1935. (In GS-3 377–454, Heinrich Meier has made these letters available through painstaking editorial work, and in his introduction has brought intelligent learning to bear in framing their context (esp. GS-3 xxviiixxx). Unless otherwise noted, all page references will be to this edition; italics in quotations from Strauss and Krüger are in the original.) Readers will presumably be acquainted with Strauss, but a few words are required to introduce Krüger, whose fulfillment of his great promise was severely hindered by the oppression of National Socialism and then, in his early 50s, was cut short by strokes that left him mentally incapacitated. (For a fuller account of Krüger’s career, see esp. the obituary by Krüger’s lifelong friend Hans-Georg Gadamer in Archives de Philosophie 47 (1984): 353–63.)

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