On Commutativity of Banach \(^*\)-Algebras with Derivation

  • Mohammad AshrafEmail author
  • Bilal Ahmad Wani
Conference paper
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The aim of this paper is to apply purely ring theoretic results to discuss the commutativity of a Banach algebra and Banach \(^*\)-algebra via derivations. We prove that if \(\mathfrak {A}\) is a semiprime Banach algebra and \(\mathscr {G}\) a nonempty open subsets of \(\mathfrak {A}\) which admits a nonzero continuous linear derivation \(d:\mathfrak {A}\rightarrow \mathfrak {A}\) such that \(d([x^m-x,y])\in Z(\mathfrak {A})\) for each x in \(\mathscr {G}\) and an integer \(m=m(x)>1\), then \(\mathfrak {A}\) is commutative. Further, we discuss the commutativity of Banach \(^*\)-algebra. In particular, it is shown that either a semiprime Banach \(^*\)-algebra \(\mathfrak {A}\) with continuous involution and derivation is commutative or the set of \(x\in \mathfrak {A}\) for which \([d(x^k),d((x^k)^*)]\in Z(\mathfrak {A})\) for no positive integer \(k\ge 1\), is dense in \(\mathfrak {A}\). Finally, few more parallel results have been established about the commutativity of Banach and Banach \(^*\)-algebras.


Commutativity Derivations Banach algebras Banach \(^*\)-algebras 



The authors are indebted to the referee for his/her useful suggestions and comments.


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