ICI Mitigation by Estimation of Double Carrier Frequency Offsets in High-Speed-Railway Communication Systems for Smart Cities

  • Yem Van VuEmail author
  • Thi Huong Trinh
  • Nhat Minh Vu
  • Canh Minh Nguyen
  • Duy Viet Nguyen
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering book series (LNICST, volume 221)


OFDM is substantial against Inter-symbol-interference due to long symbol duration. However, inter-carrier interference (ICI) caused by high Doppler frequency shift has a severe impact on OFDM in case of high channel variations. In this paper, we propose an ICI mitigation method by utilizing the estimation and pre-compensation of high Doppler shifts in high-speed railway communication systems for smart cities. The estimate of the Doppler shift is based on a preamble frame of data in communication link between EnodeB and user equipment. The simulation results show that the performance of system has been improved using the proposed model.


Doppler effect CFO OFDM HSR ICI Smart cities 



This work is supported by the university of transport and communications, Vietnam, under the framework of the research project “Research on signal processing algorithms in high speed rail communications”, code T2017-ĐĐT-51. The authors would like to thank the University for financial support.


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  • Nhat Minh Vu
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  • Canh Minh Nguyen
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