The EPR Scenario

  • Gábor Hofer-SzabóEmail author
  • Péter Vecsernyés
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In this Chapter we outline the Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen (EPR) scenario and show that the violation of Bell’s inequalities does not block the implementation of the EPR situation in a locally causal LQT, neither it excludes a noncommuting common causal explanation for the EPR correlations.


EPR scenario Common causal explanation Clauser-Horne inequality 


  1. G. Hofer-Szabó, P. Vecsernyés, Bell inequality and common causal explanation in algebraic quantum field theory. Stud. Hist. Phil. Mod. Phys. 44(4), 404–416 (2013)MathSciNetCrossRefzbMATHGoogle Scholar

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