Points of View as Grounding

  • Juan J. Colomina-AlmiñanaEmail author
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This chapter defines points of view as the ground from where every other entity holds. In contrast to traditional approaches of grounding, metaphysical points of view are not identified with their intrinsic parts. At the same time, they are not irreflexive either. The reason is that metaphysical points of view further fine-grain the entities of the world when required. Besides the fact that metaphysical points of view facilitate fundamental indeterminacy, they still may be considered asymmetrical. Distancing from ontological approaches based in the determinable-determinate relation, a new formal approach to metaphysical points of view re-shape thinking about ontological dependence. This theory is demonstrated as coherent, consistent, and complete, which furnishes a fine-graining mechanism with metaphysical and logical robustness while advocating for the fragmentation of the world.

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