Disentanglements of Corank 2 Map-Germs: Two Examples

  • David MondEmail author
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We compute the homology of the multiple point spaces of stable perturbations of two germs \((\mathbb {C}^n,0){\ \rightarrow \ }(\mathbb {C}^{n+1},0)\) of corank 2, using a variety of techniques based on the image computing spectral sequence ICSS. We provide a reasonably detailed introduction to the ICSS, including some low-dimensional examples of its use. The paper is partly expository.


Disentanglement Multiple-point spaces 

1991 Mathematics Subject Classification

14B05 32S30 32S25 



The calculations in Sect. 3 were begun in collaboration with Isaac Bird, as part of his final year MMath project at Warwick. I am grateful to him for agreement to use them here, and for his enthusiasm on the project, which contributed a great deal to its further development. I also thank Mike Stillman for help finding the \(2\times 4\) matrices of Sect. 4.2, and Juan José Nuño for pointing out the results of Greuel and Steenbrink in [9].


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