Employment of Alternative Raw Materials for Biodiesel Synthesis

  • Bruna Silveira Pacheco
  • Caroline Carapina da Silva
  • Samantha Coelho de Freitas
  • Lucas Moraes Berneira
  • Vinícius Lenz da Silva
  • Kathleen Winkel
  • Letícia Braatz Ferreira
  • Claudio Martin Pereira de PereiraEmail author
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The search for renewable fuels has increased in recent times, since petroleum-derived fuels are depleting supplies and contributing to accumulation of carbon dioxide in the environment. In this way, biodiesel presents economic, social, and environmental advantages as a renewable biofuel. This chapter aims to inform the reader about different raw materials that can be used to synthesize biodiesel. Moreover, the main physicochemical parameters are presented based on the standard agencies around the world. In general, the raw materials (algae, castor oil, soybean, waste frying oil, and Chrysomya albiceps larvae) represented satisfactory sources to produce biodiesel.


Biodiesel Raw materials Vegetable oil Biodiesel synthesis Renewable fuels 


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