The Electricity Sector and the Structure of the Short-Term Market in Brazil

  • Raphael GomesEmail author
  • Renato Poltronieri


The multilateral nature of operations in the energy market in Brazil has repercussions not only in the regulatory sphere, but also in the scope of Administrative and Procedural Law. The impossibility of determining creditors and debtors when complying with administrative and judicial decisions results in insecurity for the other agents of the Sector, as well as stimulates the entry of new litigation. The disturbed moment of the Brazilian Energy Market should be able to stimulate a deep evaluation of the Government about the way of your interference in Energy Sector, as well as the economic agents, together with ANEEL, redefine or ratify the regulatory rules currently in force in the name of legal safety and regulatory stability.


Brazilian Electricity Sector National Interconnected System Administrative Performance Free Trade Environment Isonomia 
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