On-line Testing of Engineering Students as a Form of Assessment when Studying English in Distant Form

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One of the most significant aspects of training foreign language is the objective assessment of the knowledge. Assessment in the form of on-line testing leads to reducing time spent on it, quick feedback and analysis of results, individualization of the assessment procedure, and developing self-discipline. The purpose of the study is to analyze the assessment procedure of future engineers who study English in the framework of distant program “Translator in the sphere of professional communication”. As personal interaction between a student and a teacher is limited, the online assessment in the form of testing that is able to measure the knowledge of students effectively stands forward. Incoming, intermediate and final tests are analyzed; results of students and their feedback are examined. A multiple-choice testing task is selected for thorough examination as the most commonly used.


Distant learning Online testing Multiple-choice 


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  1. 1.Kazan National Research Technological UniversityKazanRussian Federation

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