Thirty Years of Digital Libraries Research at the University of Padua: The User Side

  • Maristella Agosti
  • Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio
  • Nicola Ferro
  • Maria Maistro
  • Stefano Marchesin
  • Nicola Orio
  • Chiara Ponchia
  • Gianmaria Silvello
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 806)


For the 30th anniversary of the Information Management Systems (IMS) research group of the University of Padua, we report the main and more recent contributions of the group that focus on the users in the field of Digital Library (DL). In particular, we describe a dynamic and adaptive environment for user engagement with cultural heritage collections, the role of log analysis for studying the interaction between users and DL, and how to model user behaviour.


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  • Maristella Agosti
    • 1
  • Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio
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  • Nicola Ferro
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  • Maria Maistro
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  • Stefano Marchesin
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  • Nicola Orio
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  • Chiara Ponchia
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  • Gianmaria Silvello
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