Subject Access to Images and Exploratory Search

  • Andrea Cuna
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 806)


As traces of social life and material culture of the past, non-art images are carriers and prompters of memory. They are important sources for social and cultural history and, at the same time, valuable cultural heritage resources. Cultural heritage information systems (CHISs) very often rely on basic search and browsing features to provide access to information related to non-art digital images. However, these forms of access are not very helpful for non-expert or casual users, who usually move through the information space in an exploratory way. Although significant strides have been made to understand exploratory search activities, there are still some open issues when it comes to the user interface (UI). After briefly reviewing concept-based indexing techniques applied to images, this paper explores some of the questions related to UI design and provides insights into how to develop a browse-and-search framework to enhance exploratory search tasks.


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