On Parabolic Dichotomy

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If f is a parabolic holomorphic self-map of the unit disc \(\mathbb {D}\subset \mathbb {C}\), then either for every point z one has \(\lim _{n\to \infty } k_{\mathbb {D}}(f^{n+1}(z),f^n(z))>0\), or the Poincaré distance of any two f-orbits converges to zero. It is an open question whether such a dichotomy holds in the unit ball \(\mathbb {B}^q\subset \mathbb {C}^q\). We show how this question is related to the theory of canonical Kobayashi hyperbolic semi-models, to commuting holomorphic self-maps of the ball and to a purely geometric problem about biholomorphisms of the ball.


Holomorphic dynamics Models Iteration 

Mathematics Subject Classification

32H50 39B12 26A18 



This work was supported by the SIR grant “NEWHOLITE—New methods in holomorphic iteration” n. RBSI14CFME.


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