Complicated Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

  • Goran Augustin


Pelvic inflammatory disease is rare during pregnancy. The most obvious reason is that many pregnancies are more or less desired, and one of the preparations is prepregnancy treatment of any disease, especially of reproductive organs. Pregnancy is said to protect against pelvic infections, and clinicians are therefore unlikely to suspect complicated pelvic inflammatory disease as a cause of an acute abdomen in pregnancy. Modern factor that adds to the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease during pregnancy is assisted reproductive technology with inoculation of infective pathogens to the peritoneal cavity. Therefore, techniques for prevention of infection inoculation during assisted reproductive technologies are mandatory and discussed in detail. Clinical presentation is the same as in nonpregnant population with the same differential diagnoses. Before the widespread use of abdominal sonography, preoperative or prelabor diagnosis was rare. Today, modern imaging techniques such as abdominal CT or MRI accurately define the type and severity of the pelvic inflammatory disease. This is important due to different therapeutic modalities available.


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