mm-Wave Low-Power Receiver

  • Hao Gao
  • Marion Matters-Kammerer
  • Dusan Milosevic
  • Peter G. M. Baltus
Part of the Analog Circuits and Signal Processing book series (ACSP)


In the previous chapters, the rectifier for an on-chip wireless power receiver is analyzed and the mm-wave rectifier is implemented together with on-chip antenna(s) and temperature-correlated sensor in 65 nm CMOS technology to demonstrate the possibility to realize fully monolithic sensor nodes on silicon. In order to provide sensor nodes with more functionality, an ultra-low-power receiver must be co-integrated with the wireless power receiver module to receive commands from the base-station. In this chapter, a mm-wave ultra-low-power receiver architecture is proposed and studied. An injection-locked oscillator based architecture is proposed and implemented in 65 nm CMOS technology.


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  • Marion Matters-Kammerer
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  • Dusan Milosevic
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  • Peter G. M. Baltus
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