Using Photovoltaic Cells for the Large-Panel Urban Fabric Revitalization, Based on Select Neighborhoods

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The aim of this paper is to present possible ways in which the process of large-panel urban fabric revitalization can be combined with renewable energy technologies. The social studies conducted in recent years confirm that the residents are interested in the above solutions. Alternative energy sources may help create a new brand of prefabricated apartment blocks. The geometry of modular apartment block buildings allows for uninhibited distribution of the cells on roofs and side walls of specific structures. Additionally, thanks to their South-Western position, the performance of the cells should be perfectly satisfying. The energy surplus would mainly be used to illuminate the intersections, such as hallways and entrances. This would help save money, which would benefit the entire community. Another benefit of the solution is aesthetics. The cells on the side walls can help add an interesting layer to the large-panel buildings that have become so infamous over the years, while also averting the overabundance of mismatched pastel colors. The studies conducted confirmed the assumptions and the implemented solutions will help not only add to the innovative aspect of post-modern buildings, but also protect the natural environment.


Revitalization Photovoltaic Large-panel 


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