The Visualization of Combustion Air Flow that Flows into the Dendromass Combustion Process Using CFD Simulations

  • Alexander ČajaEmail author
  • Štefan Papučík
  • Marek Patsch
  • Nikola Kantová
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The air quality significantly affects the state of the environment, human health as well as individual ecosystems, and biomass burning contributes significantly it. The European Union is pushing on regulations of boiler manufacturers in order to reduce the emission concentration. Due to this, manufacturers improve, modify and innovate their products, reduce emissions and also increase the efficiency of the boilers. This research focuses on a particular type of wood-blowing boiler. Many factors directly or indirectly affect the burning quality, which enter the process of incinerating solid dendromass. The distribution of combustion air is one of the factors affecting efficiency and emissions in a small heat sources [1]. The experimental boiler has a supply of primary air to the chamber with wood and the supply of secondary air to the combustion chamber for combustion of the formed wood gas. During the operation of the boiler, uneven wood burning-of and the solid residue were found. Therefore, combustion in such a boiler is less efficient and produces higher emissions. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the air flow in a particular combustion plant [2]. The actual distribution of combustion air to the dendromass incineration process is impossible to detect by real-time measurement and therefore a suitable alternative of his detection is CFD simulation, which used to optimize the distribution of combustion air in a small heat source [3]. In the first stage, the analyses of the combustion air distribution were performed under various input conditions and consequently the optimization measures of the combustion air distribution were solved. The CFD simulation data will be analyzed using non-invasive visualization measurements using the PIV method in further research.


Combustion Dendromass CFD simulation Mathematical simulation 



This work has been supported by the project VEGA 1/0864/16/7 “Analysis and optimization of the factors entering into the process of burning dendromass in small heat sources”.


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  • Alexander Čaja
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    Email author
  • Štefan Papučík
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  • Marek Patsch
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  • Nikola Kantová
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  1. 1.Department of Power Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of ŽilinaŽilinaSlovakia

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