The Use of Concentrated Solar Power for Heat Generation

  • Jolanta FieducikEmail author
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Various systems have been developed for converting solar radiation into heat. Conventional lenses, Fresnel lenses and parabolic trough collectors are used to concentrate solar power and increase the efficiency of heat generation systems. Solar energy is converted to thermal energy in systems where sunlight is concentrated onto a small area to drive electrical power generators. The present study analyzes the applicability of solar parabolic trough collectors for heating water in a four-person household in Poland in accordance with the relevant standards. The correlations between the length of the trough collector, solar irradiation, the number of sunshine hours and the values of absorption and emission coefficients were determined. Concentrated solar power can be used to heat household water on a seasonal or annual basis, to heat indoor and outdoor swimming pools, to heat farm water in the production of crops and livestock and water in food processing plants.


Concentrated solar power Parabolic collector Thermal energy 


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