Endomorphisms of Lie Groups over Local Fields

  • Helge GlöcknerEmail author
Part of the MATRIX Book Series book series (MXBS, volume 1)


Lie groups over totally disconnected local fields furnish prime examples of totally disconnected, locally compact groups. We discuss the scale, tidy subgroups and further subgroups (like contraction subgroups) for analytic endomorphisms of such groups.


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The author is grateful for the support provided by the University of Melbourne (Matrix Center, Creswick) and the University of Newcastle (NSW), notably George A. Willis, which enabled participation in the ‘Winter of Disconnectedness.’ A former unpublished manuscript concerning the scale of automorphisms dating back to 2006 was supported by DFG grant 447 AUS-113/22/0-1 and ARC grant LX 0349209.


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  2. 2.University of NewcastleCallaghanAustralia

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