Linking Online Marketing Practices in Romania to Global Trends

  • Camelia Budac
Conference paper
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The very fast online transformations cause rapid changes in consumers’ behavior and, implicitly, the need for businesses’ adaptation to market trends and wants. We are now at that moment when a business’s survival and development essentially depend on understanding the importance of marketing and on adjustment to online marketing trends like ultimate elements in bringing its success. Thus, online marketing is a business culture, an entrepreneurial mindset in all over the world, for each type of business. This paper aims to give an overview on Romanian online advertising market by presenting data, trends, and main players. Many recent studies showed that the online is in a growing process, and this will keep going at least till 2021. Therefore, Romanian audience is still enjoying smart advertising content. One of the most attractive this year is the mobile sector, because consumers will use, even more, smartphones in their buying process. Thus, advertising should go through creative campaigns, imagined for these kinds of devices. Romania is a great potential for online advertising, but there is still some space for quality content. In order to gain a great image, a brand should use in its creative campaigns last innovations and databases offered by Facebook, Google, YouTube, and so on. Thus, for Romanian audience, the way of displaying an ad is still very annoying.


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