Study of Behavior Dimensions of the European Consumer of Financial Products and Services

  • Oana Alexandrina Duralia
Conference paper
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While marketing can be considered an activity mainly focused outside the organization, particularly on consumers, in order to meet their needs and gain profit, we cannot talk about a uniform implementation of marketing strategies, policies, and tactics for all areas, since the field of services and specifically of financial services entails customizing the marketing approach based on a provider-consumer relationship.

In this context, the present paper aims to highlight the characteristics of the purchasing behavior of the consumer of financial services, having as a starting point the emphasis placed on the characteristics of activities specific to financial services, which leads to a different perception of the consumers in what regards the quality of services that are inherently intangible and highly diversified in terms of the criteria of time, the degree of complexity of operations, or the manifestation of market demand.


Financial products and services Service marketing Consumer behavior 


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