A Dataset to Support Research in the Design of Secure Water Treatment Systems

  • Jonathan GohEmail author
  • Sridhar Adepu
  • Khurum Nazir Junejo
  • Aditya Mathur
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This paper presents a dataset to support research in the design of secure Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). The data collection process was implemented on a six-stage Secure Water Treatment (SWaT) testbed. SWaT represents a scaled down version of a real-world industrial water treatment plant producing 5 gallons per minute of water filtered via membrane based ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis units. This plant allowed data collection under two behavioral modes: normal and attacked. SWaT was run non-stop from its “empty” state to fully operational state for a total of 11-days. During this period, the first seven days the system operated normally i.e. without any attacks or faults. During the remaining days certain cyber and physical attacks were launched on SWaT while data collection continued. The dataset reported here contains the physical properties related to the plant and the water treatment process, as well as network traffic in the testbed. The data of both physical properties and network traffic contains attacks that were created and generated by our research team.


Cyber Physical Systems Datasets Network traffic Physical properties 



This work was supported by research grant 9013102373 from the Ministry of Defense and NRF2014-NCR-NCR001-040 from the National Research Foundation, Singapore. The authors would like to thank Check Point\(^{\textregistered }\) Software Technologies Ltd for the loan of their network equipment for data collection purposes.


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  • Jonathan Goh
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  • Sridhar Adepu
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  • Khurum Nazir Junejo
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  • Aditya Mathur
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  1. 1.iTrust, Center for Research in Cyber SecuritySingapore University of Technology and DesignSingaporeSingapore

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