Tamper Resistant Secure Digital Silo for Log Storage in Critical Infrastructures

  • Khan Ferdous WahidEmail author
  • Helmut Kaufmann
  • Kevin Jones
Conference paper
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Tamper resistant secure data storage is necessary to store event logs in critical environments, as it enables trustworthy evidence collection during an incident, and subsequently allows investigators to analyze attack behaviour, impact of the incident, source of attacks, risk factors, and if necessary it should also offer the procurement of admissible proof at trial. Recent advancements in hardware based security allows us to build such storage mechanisms, and cope with the advanced threats. In this paper, we describe the existing problems in secure storage of logs, and generate requirements to address those problems. Finally, we present our solution with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware based security technologies, which assures that the system is practical and suitable for integration with current systems. In order to show the feasibility of design, we also implement the solution using open source platforms.


Secure logging Secure storage Anti-tamper storage Secure log architecture 



This work is funded by the European FP7 security project ECOSSIAN (607577).


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