Particle in One Dimension

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One dimensional problems illustrate in simple fashion many aspects of the theory, and for this reason, every beginner in Quantum Mechanics is traditionally exposed to them. Some interesting one-particle problems in higher dimensions can be solved by separation of variables, thereby reducing them to 1d subproblems, and we shall encounter several examples in other chapters. However, in recent times there have been important technological developments in nano-devices and low-dimensional objects (like nano-wires and nano-tubes) that have made these problems much more directly relevant. In classical physics, a wire is one-dimensional in the limited sense that its length is many times its diameter. However, in Quantum Mechanics, the low dimensionality of thin films and 1d objects has a much stronger meaning. The next problem (deep potential well) shows that the confinement implies quantized levels divided by gaps that become wider the narrower the well. This implies that at low enough temperatures, the electrons behave as if the transverse dimensions were effectively frozen out. In this way, low d problems are no longer academic.

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