Complications of Endolumenal Bariatric Therapies (EBTs)

  • Emanuel Eguia
  • Bipan Chand


Endolumenal bariatric therapies continue to evolve and have become increasingly acceptable in the treatment of obesity and metabolic diseases. Each technique and therapy has its own degree and type of efficacy as well as its own spectrum of side effects and complications. It is vital that each EBT be closely evaluated and scrutinized prior to widespread adoption. Yet at the same time, it is imperative that more treatment options become available to patients and physicians as the obesity epidemic continues to prevail despite decades of recognizing the disease and its ravaging effects. The two preceding chapters dove into various endoluminal therapies and focused on results. This chapter will review side effects and complications of these modalities. As one reads through the chapter, it is important to keep into consideration that many of the devices and techniques are still in evolution and may continue to become more refined prior to commercialization and adoption. As such occurs, many of the adverse side effects and morbidity may decrease.


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