Lichen Nitidus

  • Enzo Errichetti
  • Giuseppe Stinco


Lichen nitidus is an uncommon, idiopathic, inflammatory dermatosis characterized by asymptomatic, flesh-colored or hypopigmented, shiny papules. Dermatoscopic examination typically reveals smooth, roundish, homogeneous, whitish clouds (one for each papule), which are often devoid of the physiological skin markings (except for lesions located on the penis) and present with sharply demarcated margins. Lesions located on the palmoplantar areas show linear scales in parallel as well as oval or elongated, well-defined depressions (pits) surrounded by ring-shaped, silvery white scales.


Lichen nitidus Papules Whitish clouds Pits 


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  1. 1.Department of Medical AreaInstitute of Dermatology, University of UdineUdineItaly

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