• Giuseppe Micali
  • Simona Boscaglia
  • Maria Letizia Musumeci
  • Francesco Lacarrubba


Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory erythematous-desquamative skin disorder with a prevalence of 2–4%. The diagnosis is mainly based on clinical features and histopathological examination in doubtful cases. Dermatoscopy may provide clues helpful for both a noninvasive diagnosis and treatment monitoring. At low magnifications (×10), it shows white scales and uniformly distributed “dotted” or “pinpoint” red capillaries or “red dots” over a light red background. At higher magnifications (≥×100), the “red dots” appear as dilated and twisted capillaries, with a typical “bushy” or “basket-like” appearance.


Psoriasis Red dots Dotted capillaries Bushy capillaries Vascular pattern Scales 


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  • Simona Boscaglia
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  • Maria Letizia Musumeci
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  • Francesco Lacarrubba
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