Towards a Narrative-Based Game Environment for Simulating Business Decisions

  • Stanley Yu GalanEmail author
  • Michael Joshua Ramos
  • Aakov Dy
  • Yusin Kim
  • Ethel OngEmail author
Conference paper
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Case studies are narratives of a specific real-life or imagined situation. They are used as teaching tools to help students practice their critical decision-making skills. Interactive Storytelling has the potential to augment the case method for business education by allowing for the dynamic generation of new cases based on the player’s actions. Decisions made in previous cases will affect future ones, providing the player with a deeper and more meaningful learning experience. In this paper, we present our approach in building an interactive storytelling environment with case studies as its central theme, to teach students about ethical business practices. Preliminary evaluation with business experts as well as students, corroborated the value of combining story generation within a game to teach ethical business management, and showed its potential for expansion into a wider domain.


Interactive storytelling Case studies Story generation Domain Knowledge Base 


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