Light Scattering in Combustion: New Developments

  • Alan R. JonesEmail author
Part of the Springer Series in Light Scattering book series (SSLS)


This review is an update to that published in Jones (“Light Scattering in Combustion” in “Light Scattering Reviews”. In: Kokhanovsky AA (ed). Praxis Publishing, Chichester, 2006)



Anomalous diffraction theory


Charge coupled device


Cavity ring down


Direct dipole approximation


Fractal dimension


Fast Fourier transform


Fourier interferometric imaging


Genetic algorithm


Global phase Doppler


Generalised RDG


Interferometric laser imaging for droplet sizing


Laser Doppler velocimetry


Light detection and ranging


Laser induced fluorescence


Laser induced incandescence


Photoacoustic spectroscopy


Phase Doppler anemometry


Particle imaging velocimetry


Radius of gyration






Shadow Doppler velocimetry


Structured light illumination planar imaging


Scanning mobility particle sizing


Transmission electron microscopy


Time resolved LII


Time-resolved fluorescence polarization anisotropy


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