Polarized Radiative Transfer in Optically Active Light Scattering Media

  • Margarita G. KuzminaEmail author
  • Leonid P. Bass
  • Olga V. Nikolaeva
Part of the Springer Series in Light Scattering book series (SSLS)


The disperse media composed of non-spherical particles (say, dust aerosols layers, and ice crystal clouds) can appear both optically isotropic and optically anisotropic, depending on local optical characteristics of turbid medium in question and also on the orientation of particles.



The work has been supported by the Fund of Fundamental Research RAS, the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Project 1.3.2, the Program #3.

Our heartfelt thanks to A.A Kokhanovsky for his kind suggestion to prepare this review. Our great thanks also to three anonymous reviewers for their helpful remarks and comments on the manuscript.

One of the authors (M.G.K) is greatly thankful for many remarkable researchers on radiation transport theory for interesting and helpful discussions on various aspects of polarized radiation transfer in due time. These are M.V. Maslennikov (who for a long time was the chief of the Department of kinetic equations of Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, RAS (KIAM RAS), and also the organizer and the head of regularly running seminar on kinetic equations at KIAM RAS), T.A. Germogenova, N.V. Konovalov (KIAM RAS), G.V. Rosenberg, V.I. Tatarsky, Yu.N. Barabanenkov, Yu.N. Gnedin, N.A. Silant’ev, H. Domke, E.P. Zege, L.I. Chaikovskaya, and many others. It is also a great pleasure to thank T. Nishida, K. Asano and the participants of the seminar on nonlinear equations of the Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University, for interesting and helpful discussion on the VRTE properties for optically anisotropic media (1989).


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