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  • Ivan G. Horak
  • Heloise Heyne
  • Roy Williams
  • G. James Gallivan
  • Arthur M. Spickett
  • J. Dürr Bezuidenhout
  • Agustín Estrada-Peña


Illustrated descriptions of Cosmiomma hippopotamensis, Dermacentor rhinocerinus, Margaropus winthemi, Rhipicentor bicornis and Rhipicentor nuttalli are provided. Their geographic distributions in Southern Africa are mapped, their hosts listed, and when available, their life cycles, seasonal abundance and role as vectors of disease are included.


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  • G. James Gallivan
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  • Arthur M. Spickett
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  • J. Dürr Bezuidenhout
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  • Agustín Estrada-Peña
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  3. 3.Department of BiologyUniversity of SwazilandKwaluseniSwaziland
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