The League of Nations Plan of Assistance

  • Jyotirmoy Pal Chaudhuri
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The League of Nations formed a committee on Liberia and sent some experts headed by Brunot of France to visit Liberia and submit concrete proposals that would solve the problems the country was suffering from. It was a strange situation in which there were quite a few stake holders each having an axe to grind. Britain was determined to handle the Liberian situation with a firm hand. The League was the vehicle they wanted to use to reach the target. The government of the USA, though not a member of the League, loved to call the shots and there was the looming presence of Firestone Company without whose approval nothing could be done because, through its subsidiary, the American Finance Corporation, Firestone controlled the economy of Liberia. Lastly, there was Edwin Barclay heading a government which was not formally recognised by the USA or Britain.

For about four years, various League committee plans buffeted like driftwood and in the end were abandoned. A variety of reasons caused it. Barclay thought the plans proposed were not at all consistent with the concept of sovereignty. Besides, if the plans were implemented, this would place a huge financial burden on a republic that could not bear it. The League plan died a lingering death.

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