Trust in Smart Contracts is a Process, As Well

  • Firas Al KhalilEmail author
  • Tom Butler
  • Leona O’Brien
  • Marcello Ceci
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Distributed ledger technologies are rising in popularity, mainly for the host of financial applications they potentially enable, through smart contracts. Several implementations of distributed ledgers have been proposed, and different languages for the development of smart contracts have been suggested. A great deal of attention is given to the practice of development, i.e. programming, of smart contracts. In this position paper, we argue that more attention should be given to the “traditional developers” of contracts, namely the lawyers, and we propose a list of requirements for a human and machine-readable contract authoring language, friendly to lawyers, serving as a common (and a specification) language, for programmers, and the parties to a contract.


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  • Tom Butler
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  • Leona O’Brien
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  • Marcello Ceci
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  1. 1.Governance, Risk, and Compliance Technology CenterUniversity College CorkCorkIreland

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