Structures and Functions of the Endophallic Copulatory Tube in the Family Staphylinidae (Insecta: Coleoptera)

  • Shun-Ichiro Naomi


This paper deals with the structures and functions of the endophallic copulatory tube in Staphylinidae, which has been previously called “copulatory piece,” “endophallus,” “flagellum,” etc. in descriptive studies. First, the general morphology of the copulatory tube and the pseudocopulatory tube is discussed, together with the characterizations and terminology. Second, the distribution of the copulatory tubes in Staphylinidae is described. Third, the structures of the seven basic and some other unique forms of the copulatory tubes in Staphylinidae are described in detail, paying special attention to those of Steninae. Fourth, the functions of the copulatory tubes in Staphylinidae are described or hypothesized, paying special attention to those of Steninae. Namely, the function of the copulatory tube is simply a “spermatophore (or sperm) depositor” in some cases (e.g., some Stenus), whereas it has double function: a “spermatophore (or sperm) depositor” and an “extension tube (or sperm) guiding rod in some other cases (e.g., some Aleochara).



I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Alessandro Minelli (Padova University) and to Dr. Margaret Thayer (Field Museum) for their constructive and also critical comments on my earlier versions of the draft of this paper and to Dr. Yoko Matsumura (Hokkaido University) for her useful discussion with me about the morphology of the flagellum in Coleoptera. I sincerely thank Dr. Volker Puthz (Schlitz) for his kindness in sending me some valuable Stenus specimens for this study and also for informing me of some interesting forms of Stenus flagella, Dr. Alexey Shavrin (Daugavpils University) for letting me know valuable information on the copulatory tubes in Omaliinae, and Dr. Volker Assing (Hannover) for informing me of the matter with the paederine flagellum. My hearty thanks are due to Dr. Munetoshi Maruyama (Kyushu University Museum) for providing important information on the morphology of the coleopterous flagellum and to Dr. Hiroyuki Yoshitomi (Ehime University) for his advices for this study in various ways. Finally I sincerely thank the editors of this book for improving the manuscript of my paper in various ways.


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