Odor Change of Citrus Juice During Storage Based on Electronic Nose Technology

  • Xue Jiang
  • Pengfei JiaEmail author
  • Siqi Qiao
  • Shukai Duan
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10638)


In order to master the law of citrus juice odor components changes during the storing process, electronic nose composed of metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) sensors array is used to monitor the odor during valencia oranges juice storing process. A self-made electronic nose system and experiment are described in detail, after data preprocessing, extreme learning machine (ELM) is used for analysis on samples. Analysis result indicates that the odor synthesized curve derived from the electronic nose technology can reflect overall trend of odor during valencia oranges juice storing process truly and effectively, and the experimental results prove that the E-nose can correctly distinguish the current stage of the stored valencia oranges juice and the classification accuracy of test data set is 96.29% when ELM is used as the classifier, which shows that the E-nose can be successfully applied to the qualitative analysis of citrus.


Electronic nose Citrus juice Odor Extreme learning machine 


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  • Xue Jiang
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  • Pengfei Jia
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    Email author
  • Siqi Qiao
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  • Shukai Duan
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