Results of the Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

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The concept of reverse total shoulder arthroplasty has been with us for some time. Most of the earlier designs, however, were unsuccessful. It was not until the work of Paul Grammont in 1981 that the procedure gained widespread acceptance (Fig. 18.1). The initial design was intended for patients with osteoarthritis of the shoulder with a non- functioning or irreparable rotator cuff. So successful, however, was this replacement that the indications have expanded such that reverse total shoulder arthroplasty RTSR now matches anatomical total shoulder arthroplasty in numbers inserted. The purpose of this chapter is to provide an overview of the results for these various indications. In addition, at the end, the results of this implant in uncommon and unique scenarios will also be considered. Currently this implant is commonly used to treat patients with cuff tear arthropathy, older patients with a massive and irreparable rotator cuff but no arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis trauma and in revision surgery. For complications this is the subject of a separate chapter authored by Daniel Mok.


Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty Cuff tear arthropathy Trauma Inflammatory arthritis Revision Notching Lateralisation 


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