Implementation and Assessment of the Synthetic-Eddy Method in an Unstructured Compressible Flow Solver

  • Axel ProbstEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design book series (NNFM, volume 137)


This paper presents the recent implementation and assessment of the Synthetic-Eddy Method and its divergence-free version in the unstructured compressible DLR-TAU solver. Synthetic turbulence can either be injected at the inflow or at interface planes inside the flow domain, which are defined via simple user input. The methods are successfully applied to quasi-2D flow cases of varying complexity, ranging from a flat-plate boundary layer up to a 3-element airfoil near stall. The simulations yield satisfying agreement with mean-flow reference data, but still leave room for improvements of the adaptation length to fully-developed turbulence.



Parts of the presented work have been funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007–2013 within the project Go4Hybrid (‘Grey Area Mitigation for Hybrid RANS-LES Methods’).


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