Effect of Upstream Turbulence on Single and Dual-Stream Jets. Assessment of Zonal Detached Eddy Simulation (ZDES)

  • F. GandEmail author
  • J. Verrière
  • S. Deck
Conference paper
Part of the Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design book series (NNFM, volume 137)


This paper aims at investigating the effect of upstream turbulence (for instance coming from the engine’s internal geometry) on the jet flow development. Simulations are performed using ZDES [4] combined with synthetic turbulence generation methods. Two cases are studied: an incompressible, single-stream jet and a compressible dual-stream one. It is shown that the upstream turbulence reduces the RANS-to-LES transition and improves the prediction of the location of the shock-cells and global jet flow development, which advocates a systematic consideration of realistic nozzle exit conditions in eddy-resolving simulations.



The simulations presented in Sect. 3 were performed using HPC resources from GENCI-TGCC (Grant 2014-t20142a7215).


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  1. 1.ONERA—The French Aerospace LabMeudonFrance
  2. 2.Airbus Operations SASToulouseFrance

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