Mature Movers

  • Mark Edward


In focusing on the rare examples of ageing in performance, I provide an overview of practice work within the fields of ageing and performance. To contextualise the discussion of the visibility of mature movers, I discuss the complexities of sourcing practice-based evidence, as the process of performance documentation is often varied and inconsistent. Such subjective processing means that a ‘one design fits all’ approach cannot be adopted. In providing examples of mature movers, I look at two particular areas: firstly, mature movers who do not necessarily explore the theme of ageing in their work; and secondly performers who actively address the theme of ageing who are actually ageing, using their own experience as a source for creating performance. Attention is also given to performance-based works which address the theme of ageing from a non-ageing perspective, exploring the inevitable debility of the performing body from a youthful lens.


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