Climate Conditions and Future Scenarios in Southern Europe

  • Aurora Monge-Barrio
  • Ana Sánchez-Ostiz Gutiérrez
Part of the Green Energy and Technology book series (GREEN)


To understand the general strategies to be applied in the design of the built environment, climate must be understood and incorporated as part of the conditioners of the design of buildings. But architecture must respond not only to actual but also future conditions in a warming and changing world. Southern Europe or the European Mediterranean Region is a well-defined region with similar climatic conditions, impacts and possibilities of adaptation to climate change, although with important differences that need to be understood. These differences are mainly based on the actual and future climate severity of the seasons which will have a direct repercussion in energy consumption to provide an adequate indoor environment to residential buildings.


Climatic stratification and classification Climate change Heatwaves Cold waves Built environment 



The authors want to thank the assistance of María Dolores Juri and Ainhoa Arriazu in the elaboration of the maps provided in this chapter.


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  • Ana Sánchez-Ostiz Gutiérrez
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