Contactless Testing

  • Selahattin Sayil


With continuous miniaturization of devices and increasing chip densities, conventional mechanical probe approach used for internal fault detection and functional circuit testing faces increasing challenges. Conventional probes have their limitations due to their large size and inherent parasitic effects. In addition, large chip I/O pad counts challenge testing reliability in numerous ways. Contactless testing and diagnostic measurement methods might resolve many of the challenges associated with conventional mechanical wafer testing. These nonmechanical techniques can be very useful for debugging and design verification, as well as for functional testing. After some introduction on contactless testing, this chapter focuses on the photoexcitation probe technique. This technique uses a focused laser beam to photoexcite carriers near an active device to detect logic levels of transistors.


Contactless testing Noncontact test Photoexcitation probe Optical beam-induced current method OBIC method LIVA 


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