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In the end the choice of Oxford appears to have been dictated by circumstances as much as any choice on the part of Kalecki himself. There was research to be done, notably the commissioned study of the economic consequences of the German occupation of Poland, and the Oxford Institute of Statistics, which had been set up in 1935 with finance from the Rockefeller Foundation, was depleted of its researchers. Its Director was Jacob Marschak, whose starting point in Economics, in Rosa Luxemburg and the critique of Hilferding was the same as Kalecki’s. He had been active in finding employment for Kalecki, but had left for the United States in December 1938, on a Rockefeller travelling fellowship. His colleagues, Redvers Opie, Hubert Henderson, and Roy Harrod, had gone into government service, where economic planning and finance for the war against Germany were now major priorities.

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