A Farewell to the 1930s

  • Jan Toporowski
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The commission for Money and Real Wages was merely one expression of the interest in Poland in the new approach to economic theory and policy. At around the same time as the publication of Kalecki’s study, as he himself was getting down to his translation of Keynes’s General Theory, there appeared in Warsaw a Polish translation of Joan Robinson’s Introduction to the Theory of Employment. This had been originally published in 1937, in its author’s words, ‘to provide a simplified account of the main principles of the Theory of Employment for students who find that they require some help in assimilating Mr. Keynes’s General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, and the literature that is growing around it… Besides the General Theory, I have drawn upon my own Essays in the Theory of Employment, Mr. Colin Clark’s National Income and Outlay and Mr. Michal Kalecki’s article “A Theory of the Business Cycle, in the Review of Economic Studies, February 1937.’

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