Purchasing Production Equipment: Other Devices

  • Ryan Vachon


Filmmaking equipment goes well beyond cameras. The amount of gear that you can purchase is mind-boggling, however each device is built to serve specific functions. For example, some microphones are more appropriate for certain recording scenarios than others. Camera stabilization equipment, like tripods, removes distracting movement from scenes. Oppositely, dynamic movement of a camera, such as sweeping through a landscape with a drone , can bring landscapes to life. Using tools to adjust the light gives you greater latitude to enhance the character and value of each scene. It is important to examine the many options, and how they might play into the successful production of your films. Early identification of all the gear that you need helps you (1) adjust your filmmaking budget or (2) correct how you are going to allocate your funds. This chapter introduces some of the gear that you can purchase, however value and use of this equipment will be discussed in subsequent chapters.

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