Purchasing Production Equipment: Cameras

  • Ryan Vachon


We now step away from the intellectual exercises of figuring out how you will construct your story to discuss the choices of cameras that you can purchase for filming. Indeed, filming requires much more gear than a camera, including tripods and microphones; however, it is appropriate to dedicate a chapter to helping you discover the various types of cameras that are on the market. The different camera types, such as sport cameras or DSLRs, fill different niches for use. Filming sports, interviews , instructional videos, or landscapes each have unique limitations and qualities for which specific cameras are better suited. Camera equipment is expensive and each device necessitates time for learning. Knowing the style of filming that you wish to undertake will simplify your camera shopping experience. This chapter will help you understand the best cameras for your filming applications so that you don’t overburden yourself or buy yourself into a corner.

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