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Exporting and Distributing Your Film

  • Ryan Vachon


You have storyboarded, filmed, built animations, edited media together, and massaged your storyline. Your film is complete! Almost. All of your earlier efforts will only benefit from a preview screening of your film with a small group representing the intended audience. This way you can learn how to tighten it with last minute refinements. Then it is time to export your film to a file that is most appropriate for where it will be broadcast. Film formatting for web streaming in a third world country is likely quite different from a movie that you are submitting to a high-end film festival.

It is quite possible that once you get your film into the hands of a user, your work is done. However, for many filmmakers we must market our work and stage screenings. The final steps of project dissemination are as critical as any other step in the movie making process. Stay focused and take every reasonable measure to deliver your work of art to the audience that you have been envisioning all along.

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