Management of Failed Unicondylar Arthroplasty

  • Fred D. Cushner
  • Christopher Dodd
  • Hemant PanditEmail author
  • David J. Mayman


The success of partial knee arthroplasty is well described in the literature. Both mobile-bearing knee and fixed-bearing knee designs have good long-term survivorship described in the literature. While long-term success is well described, there is still a certain amount of failures that are noted and revision of this partial knee is required. Because only a partial knee is performed, one could argue that there is inherent risk of revision for the unhappy patient. For example, a TKA patient with anterior knee pain may be sent to physical therapy, told to lose weight, and prescribed some activity modification. Given the nature of a full revision, it is often done only as a last resort. But if you take the same patient with anterior knee pain who had a partial knee arthroplasty at their indicated procedure, then it is often claimed that this patient is more likely to get revised. Perhaps it would be revised because of the unresurfaced patella or perhaps revised cause the patient is unhappy, but it often does appear to be a double standard when it comes to revision of partial knee arthroplasty.


Failed unicondylar arthroplasty Medial compartment osteoarthritis Tibial loosening Femoral loosening Popliteus tendonitis 


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