Managing Patella Defects

  • Fred D. Cushner
  • Stephen Petis
  • Michael TauntonEmail author
  • Arlen Hanssen
  • Michael D. RiesEmail author
  • Kelly G. VinceEmail author
  • Michel Malo


It is well known that patella resurfacing has its limits. Severe patella bone loss can occur in the primary knee where significant patella bone loss can make it difficult to perform a patella resurfacing. While the ultimate limit as to the smallest amount of residual bone will allow a patella resurfacing to be performed, it is commonly believed that at least 12 mm is needed to avoid complications of resurfacing.


Patella Patellar bone grafting Patellar augments Gullwing patellar osteotomy Osteolytic deformity 


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